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Latrines and water wells Cambodia


Because of our uniquely low overhead, we install wells and latrines for a total cost of only $400 each.

This includes:  Family selection, social worker interaction and information verification.  Followed by site selection, manufacturing, delivery, installation, sponsor board and WASH training.  Moringa trees planting and training.  Two follow-up visits over the next six months, transportation, overhead in Siem Reap, staff, etc.

Change a family's health, future, and give long-term dignity for $400!


Water is very much part of our everyday survival. We wash our dishes, our clothes, we must drink a lot of it, we cook food with it, our coffee, tea, pop, and brushing teeth---imagine life where water is dangerous, riddled with disease and organisms that impact on the population's health. That is why providing clean drinking water is a priority for us.


Open defecation obviously leads to diseases being transferred from neigbour to villager. Not only that, it ends up in the shallow water table when the flood rains come.

There is also the matter of the indignity suffered, and the safety of females.

Latrines in villages are a priority for the health and welfare of the community.

Thank you for a latrine

Personalized thank you sign posted by donated latrine, Cambodia

Thank you for safe water

Personalized sign posted at donated water well and pump, Cambodia

Water & Sanitation Sponsorship

If your family, group or company wish to sponsor an entire installation ($400).  We would like to put your name on the sponsorship sign … You must agree this is prime real estate to have named in your honour!

Your $400 will deliver and install either a water-well or an enclosed toilet. Your information (name, city) will be on the sponsorship board. Plus, you will receive photos and the YouTube link to the video clip of thanks from the beneficiaries.

Cambodians are working hard at rebuilding their lives, and most village families make a survival living on about $50 - $75 per month - Siem Reap and surrounding is a place of extreme poverty. The widows, landmine victims and those who lost their land due to forced removals are in even more of a need, not only do they face the struggle of daily survival … they lack clean healthy water and sanitation.  With barely enough to live on, there is no money for the luxury of clean water or sanitation.

We install water-wells and toilets (latrines) and we have it down to a cost effective and efficient process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if with your help we can install water-wells and toilets every day! To stimulate the economy and create jobs, we use only local contractors and suppliers.  Due to our low overhead, close management and strict standards, we manage to install water-wells and install toilets with long lasting enclosures, each for as little as $400.  See our Facebook albums for videos and descriptions of the structures that we install on your behalf. 

Project - from beginning to end

  • Identification of the family, household, school, orphanage, etc. in need.
  • The needs are confirmed, be that water or sanitation.
  • Contacting local contractors to survey the property and confirm the feasibility of the project.
  • Ordering and delivery of materials as well as the sponsorship board.
  • Clearing of suitable area and the work crew starts with the project.
  • Visit and/or assist during the construction period.
  • Inspection of completed project.
  • Sponsorship board is planted, photos and short ‘thank you’ video taken with the beneficiaries. 


Water Facts

  • UNICEF estimates that only 45% of Cambodians living in rural areas have access to clean water.
  • Water is vital to survival, it is responsible for the functioning of our health systems and the brain - water accounts for approximately two-thirds of the human body.
  • Safe drinking water brings about better health, hygiene and sanitation, with the result of less disease, sickness and strain on the family resources.
  • The task of fetching water, sometimes from great distances, usually falls on the shoulders of the women and children.  Children miss school, young girls are put at risk … most of the time the children are utterly exhausted from this essential everyday task.

Hygiene Facts

  • It is estimated that only 16% of Cambodians living in rural areas have access to adequate sanitation facilities.  People have no choice but to defecate outside, often in the open and with no privacy.
  • Women and girls are vulnerable without the safety of toilets and face daily threats of sexual violence.
  • Lack of sanitation is a major cause of diarrhea and is responsible for 24% of deaths in young children.
  • More people die from diseases caused from not having a toilet than from HIV/Aids, Malaria and TB combined.
  • Teenage girls leave school when they start menstruating, no facilities and no privacy.
  • Access to sanitation is critical for human physical development.

Sponsor Community Health

Please note: You will be asked upon checkout to provide the exact name(s) you want displayed on the "Sponsored By" sign that goes with the installation

A Water Story

A Latrine Story

Land of Smiles


Donate amount of your choice

Partner in the program with any amount, either as a single or recurring donation. Senior case workers allocate funds where help is most needed at the time. 

Donations on behalf of someone, or in memory of someone, please indicate as such in your correspondence with us. We would like to talk to you about this. We can send a letter of gratitude to the person that you honour in this beautiful way.


Lasts for years!

Going about villages one sees sponsorship signs dating back to 2006, still in place.

Many latrines serving mid-size families are now 10-years old. When time comes to replace them, there a whole new generation of earners in the family. It has served its purpose.

Poor families sometimes complain that their 10 year-old well dried up. 95% of the time, the problem is solved with information, $5 in parts and $10 in labour to replace a normal-wear part in the pump--and there you go, Bona's your uncle. $15 for another 10 years of safe water.

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