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Volunteer in the Shadow of Angkor Wat



Sarnia, Ontario office:
Adele du Plessis (director) +1 (519) 336-1836
Sien Reap, Cambodia office:
Pouk Mic (coordinator)  +88 077 804 814

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Education Facts

  • Worldwide, 127 million children out of school most are girls
  • Essential for economic, social and cultural development
  • Benefits the child, family and community
  • Gives dignity, self-respect, hope and dreams
  • Future livelihood and health improves
  • Striving for their full potential
  • Breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness
  • Not having an education is not having a future ….

Eight Fundamental Children’s Rights

  • Life - to survive and to grow up in proper conditions.
  • Education - essential for economic, social and cultural development.
  • Food - the right to not die of hunger and to not suffer from malnutrition.
  • Health - be allowed to grow and become healthy adults.
  • Water - safe drinking water and proper sanitary conditions.
  • Identity - to have a surname, a first name, a nationality, and to know who relatives are.
  • Freedom - to have access to information, religious freedom, input in decisions affecting their lives.
  • Protection - to be protected from mistreatment, discrimination, and exploitation.
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