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We are a federally registered not for profit organization in Canada. Our ministry is not based on, or motivated by religion. We serve people without regard for their gender, creed or spiritual affiliation. 

One of our main aims are to add value to our own communities by making available voluntourism opportunities in the areas where we are involved. These experiences are of immense benefit to people in our local communities as each trip brings about life-changing experiences that make indelible marks of goodness on volunteers--which impacts our own communities in many positive ways.

Another main aim is to transfer skills and provide health and sanitation fascilities to impoverished communities. 

Humble Beginnings, 30 Years Ago

Thirty years ago, Leah Hortelano started an aid program from her home in Chatham, Ontario to help poor people in the Philippines. Over the years, her program grew in stature and effect, and gained much public support and corporate assistance.

Leah Hortelano

Twenty five years ago, Jean & Adele du Plessis started programs in Johannesburg, South Africa to help girl children at risk in the inner-city slums. Over the years, the program called The House Group, gained international recognition, and assistance from many foreign governments.

Ten years ago, Leah, Jean and Adele teamed up in Canada to share resources to reach out to more people in the poorest communities internationally. During 2012, the two cooperating programs merged in Eyes of Leah International Aid, a not for profit corporation. Sadly, Leah passed away in 2013 from cancer.

Her legacy lives on.


Members of the Board of Eyes of Leah hail from London and Sarnia, Ontario. We are fortunate to have members / volunteers over the SW Ontario area to keep things moving and expanding. We are always looking for more input from new members.

We do not have staff on a payroll. Everything we do is accomplished with volunteer time and effort. 

Thirty years is a long time.

We can never publish all our documents, videos, TV programs and articles. Below are a few videos and photos of some things that were documented over the years. 











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