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child labour cambodia interferes with education
Lack of sanitation in Cambodian villages is the main cause of child mortality
Voluntourism at Cambodia charity, all the money goes to the cause.

Welcome to Eyes of Leah

Eyes of Leah is a non-denominational international aid organization. We partners and network with local NGOs in Cambodia and Philippines, and we have our own people on the ground. That is why we are a sensible choice for donors, partners and volunteers--we know where our volunteers work and what they do, and we personally know each and every family and child who benefits from your donation.

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Volunteers Feedback

Broke my heart--and changed my life

This was the best experience of my entire life. 28-years old, i never cried so much, laughed so much and loved so much. I will be back, again, and again. Thank you sooo much!!

Tertia Stevenson

In love with Cambodia

People smile and luv and and never expect anything. all they want is dignity. OMG, what an experience. And AngkorWat, blew my mind mind. Amazing guys, see you next year..

Robert Duncan


The Land of Smiles is aptly named for the beautiful people who are struggling to rebuild their community after the horrid past they had suffered...

Helping Cambodians is one of the easiest things to do because they don't feel entitled, they don't beg, and they truly appreciate whatever we can do to help them help themselves.

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