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Your $1.30 per day

  • Provides an education
  • Stops child labor (that keeps the child out of school)
  • Supplements family income
  • Provides ongoing social services to the family.

Whole family assistance

The at-risk child is not an isolated individual. S/he is part of a very important network, the family. We recognise that one cannot simply "sponsor a child" and all will be well. Each family receives ongoing skills training, social services and care.

Small selection of children most at-risk

The Eyes of Leah Child Education Sponsorship is unique in many ways, mainly because we look at the whole picture by asking why and then how.

First question is always “Why is this child not in school?”

The answers are usually one or more of the below 

  • Parents do not value education
  • The family is barely surviving, with an income so low that they cannot afford to send their children to school.
  • The family cannot survive without the income that the child generates by collecting for recycling, working in the fields, carrying water for neighbours or miscellaneous odd jobs. 
  • The family needs the child to help with chores around the house, taking care of siblings, taking care of the sick and elderly, helping the family with whatever means they have to earn an income, e.g. food vendor, etc.

Second question is “How can we make a difference?”

The answer is usually a combination of the below

  • Provide the child with schooling, an education.
  • Supplement the family income with food and groceries, now we do not perpetuate the family’s state of hopelessness and despair having to survive without the income generated by the child.
  • Supply school materials and clothing.
  • Provide social services to the family (such as education in personal hygiene, nutrition, etc.)
  • Sponsorship - from beginning to end


Critical Cases

We have hundreds of children on our waiting list.

We don't really want to catalog children to "shop around" in a sense. Protecting people's dignity is a priority for us and our sponsoring partners.

We list here the fifteen most critical cases in need of help. Once sponsorship is confirmed, the photo is removed (it may take a day or two).

However, if you want for our manager in Cambodia to choose a child most in need of your help at this time, please insert DECIDE FOR ME in the student number area. You will receive full profile and case details, as usual.

Thank you for participating

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Children at Work #1 in series

Land of Smiles


Sponsor Feedback

You become part of our family. Sponsors receive information that is considered private and confidential.

  • Witness your child’s growth into full potential
  • Continued access to child’s profile (see sample profile)
  • Family history, photos and progress reports.
  • Visit the family when on vacation in Siem Reap.
  • and more...

Identification of the child at risk

Our case workers spend a lot of time meeting with families in need. Often, all they need is advice and some direction. We do not duplicate service where other NGOs are active, we work in concert.

By the time a family has been identified as one in need of our intervention, many, many hours of direct contact has gone by.

Continued Care

Your continued support makes long term care and monitoring of the family possible.

Sponsors see some of the ongoing work in case files.

Case workers regularly follow-up with the family to make sure they are coping and still honour the "contract" we have with them. Families are always given something to do, to improve their lives, and we "hinge" our help on them honouring the contract.

A village becomes a small place. Every day we drive through, people greet, we see changes, and we note when things don't look as they should.


Donate amount of your choice

Partner in the program with any amount, either as a single or recurring donation. Senior case workers allocate funds where help is most needed at the time. 

Donations on behalf of someone, or in memory of someone, please indicate as such in your correspondence with us. We would like to talk to you about this. We can send a letter of gratitude to the person that you honour in this beautiful way.



"Sponsoring a child through this program has made a differene in my life. I could visit Ankor Wat and meet the family, saw the school and they all treated me so nice. I could never have imagined that a few dollars a month could make such a differene to another person's life."

Thank you

"Thank you Eyes of Leah for a wonderfull experience. I have a real relationship with Santhe and plan to visit her family soon. Your program is a cut above the rest"

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