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Cost: $1,690 (valid to October 2015)
Duration: 17 days
Dates: Arrive Phnom Penh (PHN) on the 4th of the month, end the voluntour in Bangkok (BKK) on the 20th of the same month.
Accommodations: In Phnom Penh and Bangkok we stay in mid-class hotels. Not full service hotels, but like higher-end guesthouses. In Siem Reap, we stay in more affordable guesthouses. Accommodations are nice, clean and standard for Cambodia. We do not book higher-end hotels, it is not how we operate. High end hotels are available but volunteers who need them may find the rest of our program a bit too rough for comfort.
Comfort / Endurance Level: 5/4

Day 1 to 4 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Day 1 Arrive Phnom Penh 

Check in to your lovely hotel. Unwind with a complimentary massage. Enjoy strolling the streets of the capital city. Complimentary dinner at exquisite restaurant.

Day 2 Phnom Penh

Tourist day. Group meeting and orientation. Tour of the city. Visit the key tourist sights and museums (Killing Fields museum, Royal Palace, Golden Pagoda, and many more). Free evening.

Day 3 Phnom Penh

Reality day. Experience Phnom Peng as a local. Experience markets, places, clubs, restaurants and people that tourists never get to see or even know to exist. Free time evening.

Day 4 Journey from Phnom Penh for Siem Reap 

Early in the morning, we set out on an amazing journey through the countryside, by minibus or boat (depending on conditions). Along the way, meet the people and experience Cambodia as it is for millions of people not living in the capital city. Arrive Siem Reap late in the evening.

Day 5 to 13 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 5 Tourist Day 

Complimentary breakfast. Group meeting and orientation. Tour the city, its pagodas and tourist sights. Delight in the cuisine. In the evening, visit the night markets and party in Pub Street.

Day 6 Reality Day 

Shop at a local market!! Visit one of the villages where we are involved in charitable work. Meet your adopted family, install a water well or latrine (toilet). Lunch in a rural village home and appreciate the challenges and heroism of everyday folk who eke out a living any which way possible. Free evening to enjoy good food and cold beer.

Day 7 Temple Monument day

Early morning, start at the Bayon Temple. Orientation and training session over breakfast picnic, watch the sun rise over the temple. Experience Ta Prom and several other amazing sites. Lunch rural. Afternoon, visit Angkor Wat and watch the sunset. Free evening to enjoy Pub Street and try a well derved foot massage with or without nibbling fish.

Day 8 Family day

Visit families in our charitable program in villages around Tonle Sap. Lunch rural. Ancient temple, off the beaten track, visited in the afternoon.

Day 9 Hinterland Day

Group meeting. Into the hinterland to visit villages and the very special temple Bantea Srei (Ladies Temple). Evening free.

Day 10 a day in the village 

Spend the day helping out with charitable work in a village. Your English language skill, ideas and enthusiasm is much in demand.  Visit Silk Farm if time allows.

Day 11 Skills Transfer day 

Continue volunteer work in the center and/or village. Silk scarf painting. Free evening about town.

Day 12 Skills Transfer day

A day in the village or in the center conducting classes and skills sessions. Cambodian cooking class.

Day 13 

Last day in the villages, and with the children. Adieu to Siem Reap party in the evening.

Days 14 to 17 Bangkok, Thailand

Day 14 Journey from Siem Reap to Bangkok 

We depart Siem Reap to journey through the countryside enroute to Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Along the way we visit several sights and places that few tourists get to see. Guidance with the border crossing. It is a long day but when finally we reach the hotel in the heart of Bangkok, the excitement will surely bring you out to play.

Day 15 Tourist day

Orientation meeting. Tour the city and see the must-see touristy things. It is a beautiful place. End the evening the famous yet racy tourist streets where anything goes. Not that you need protection, but we will be there for your reassurance if/when required.

Day 16 Reality day 

Group session. We visit several non-tourist, real life areas and the people who call Bangkok home. That evening, farewell party signalling the end of this particular adventure.

Day 17 Depart Bangkok 

Transfers to international airports available from the hotel.


An entry visa is NOT required for Thailand. The visa for Cambodia is applied for at the immigration point. The cost is about $35. An exit fee of about $20 is paid when leaving Cambodia. 


Flight: Example flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Siem Reap (REP) is ~ $1,200 to $1,600 depending on season, layovers, and class.

Meals:  Most volunteers budget $7 per day if you eat like a local (a western diet may cost double). In the capital cities, breakfast is included at the hotels but not necessarily available in Siem Reap. You may have to make your own breakfast, or buy from a street vendor as most people do.

Excursions: Many important excursions are included in the itinerary and in the cost of the tour. However, budget $250 to $400 for first time visitors for additional excursions (elephant ride, floating village boat ride, Bangkok excitement and museums, Phnom Penh extras, etc.)

An $80 3-day pass for Angkor Wat Temple Complex is mandatory. We conduct guided tours over several days because this is something you need to know well, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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