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On this scale, 6/4 signifies a Comfort level of 6 and an Ease level of 4.
Meaning accommodations are nice (6) and comfy but the activities (4) afflict quite some physical discomforts.
A 10/10 holiday is something like a cruise in the Carribean.
A 1/10 holiday is living in backpackers hostels sitting around the pool all day drinking beer.
A 10/1 holiday would be living in very luxurious accomodations but rock climbing and dust wrestling during the day.

10 = Full service hotels. Luxury coaches. Western and gourmet foods. Never pee behind a bush.

5 = Mid way. Nice guesthouses but defnitely not full service. A/C or fan, but no guarantees (electrricity blackout affect everything). Transport a cut above local standard. Local-like meals. Sometimes pee behind a bush.

1 = Backpackers guesthouses with shared accommodations. No A/C, no fan, no guarantees. Local meals and transport. Village lifestyle. Often pee behind a bush.


10 = Same as all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Bahamas. A cut below what Cambodian government officials and Canadian senators have to endure every day.

5 = Expect heat, dust, and exposure to the environment of the inner-city and rural areas. Rides are bumpy. Terrain not even. You may be rained upon, even get some mud on your shoes. Carry your own water. Occasionally sit on the floor. A/C is a luxury but frequently available. A cut or two above what locals live every day. Age is not a factor here, attitude is key. We have had volunteers from ages 15 to 81 who loved it. But, we have had 20something volunteers who could not handle the bumpy rides, and that the fan did not work the night when the power went out, and there are bugs in the bush, and pollen, even dust...

1 = Bike, hike and camp in the heat and humidity. Cook on a fire. Survival is what it is all about. A cut or two below what locals live every day.

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